Ron Gaunt, Co-Founder of K9 Nose Work
Ron Gaunt has lived and worked with dogs the majority of his life. Ron began working with dogs and training for police Dog work in 1970. He has trained, worked, and managed service dogs for more than 40 consecutive years. During Ron’s 12-year tenure in the K9 unit with the Inglewood Police Department, he had the honor of working with three different K9 partners. Among Ron’s many accomplishments are multiple national certifications in detection, both explosives and narcotics. Along with many years of training detection dogs, Ron has trained hundreds of dogs for police work encompassing all aspects of K9 police work. One of Ron’s many accomplishments was that of Master Trainer. In 1981 Ron was the K-9 Program Director with the Inglewood Police Department and the training director of the Los Angeles Schutzhund Club.  Currently, Ron is the owner/operator of Travel’n ManDogs, a private detection firm established in 1995 to serve private businesses and corporate America by augmenting current security systems to facilitate the ultimate in personal safety and protection. Presently he is a working manager/handler of multiple Explosive Detection Dog teams deployed in the private sector; many of his clients are “Fortune 500” companies.  Ron has bred, raised, and trained in excess of 100 working dogs that have obtained degrees in both sport and police trials. Ron’s years of experience includes multiple breeds, but in recent years he has concentrated on German Shepherds, Labradors and Belgian Malinois for service detection work.